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Small & Expandable

DevCharge® board includes multiple i/o analog and digital interfaces including SPI, I2C and offers options to connect external peripherals. All at tiny footprint

Build-in global connectivity

Includes global wireless connectivity allowing devices safely process payments anywhere. We are your cellular provider, connecting cloud and your machines.

Packed with sensor inputs

Collect data remotely and automatically without any need for infrastructure. All hassle of managing your devices is on us. Get notified on unusual activity or even get all raw data via API. Control your machines using our cloud. Even use our module as a proxy!

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Payments to machines reimagined

The Internet of Things will just get bigger and we need an efficient way to build it. DevCharge® is turnkey solution to connect your hardware to cloud within minutes. It provides unified platform to monetize unattended vending and service locations with convenient and secure payments.


Supplement or replace your Cash Acceptor with DevCharge. Trigger payment request directly from machine. Let users pay with their mobile app or other cloud wallets.


Receive authorized payment approval from cloud to dispatch product. The message is pushed to the machine.


All communication is encrypted and double-verified to ensure only authrorized party.


DevCharge can act as a communication proxy. We deal with security, authrization and data transmission from hardware to your custom API.

Unified mobile wallet reinvented

Send and approve cash-less payments directly from your mobile. Secured with state of the art encryption provides tokenized proxy to other market leading wallets. Use your Credit/Debit card, Paypal or other forms of technology to add or withdraw your funds.

Use cases

Vending & unattended machines

Accept cash-less payments via our cloud. DevCharge® module is compatible with all types of vending machines using EXE/MDB protocol or leverage one of the i/o interfaces.

  • Food & Drink vending
  • Park meters
  • Garage access
Closed-Loop Wallet System

Build and operate your own prepaid or postpaid scheme. Intead of using customer's debit/credit card we deduct funds from his own wallet resulting in lower fees. Reward customers for purchases or just limit sales to pre-approved buyers. Enhance DevCharge® with NFC or RFID enabled reader to build your private acceptance network.

  • Sports & Entertainment venues
  • Loyalty card
  • Food stamps schemes
Monitor & Control

Collect real-time data from your device or even use our module as a proxy to send custom data packets to your cloud infrastructure. Push commands to remotely control motors, LEDs or other actuators. All securely and reliably.

  • IoT Sensors
  • Remote machine control
  • Detect unusual activity
  • Optimize product supplies
Shared Economy Services

Enable your unattended products to be rented based on time value. DevCharge® is at the frontier of monetizing your rentals.

Self Service Gas & Energy Stations

Operate fully automated gas station with self-payment terminals either with pre-pay or post-pay billing. Or believing in Green Energy? Sell meter & sell electricity too!

Access Control

Use the same secured network to permit access to restricted zones. All transactions are encrypted, signed and may carry other information other than payment.


Includes global connectivity with 1MB/mo data plan with cloud control
Good for at least 10.000 data points - No Commitments


or less
for hardware


or less monthly fee

0% to 4.45%

or lower fee


Vladimir Vlach

Founder & CEO

Previously held posts as Senior Backend Architect at JouleX (acquired by Cisco), founder at TouchPo (Dotykacka s.r.o. - innovative Point of Sale). Dotykacka has become one of the fastest growing companies in Czech Republic. Currently 100% focused on merging IoT and FinTech

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